I’ve been working with Kate for 6 years now and love her as a trainer.
Kate is great at listening what I want to get out of my training and translating it into the perfect workouts.

Every session is different and challenging and makes me want to come back for more.

I could not have reached my fitness goals without Kate. Sabine Curtis

Kate is the best trainer! She made me (gasp!) love working out and gave me the right amount
of encouragement that I need. But Kate pushed me when necessary, too.

I could not have reached my fitness goals without Kate. Patty Kiselyk

Kate is able to vary the workouts to keep it challenging for core, agility and strength. Scott Gordon

I am so glad I found Kate.

She’s everything I wanted in a trainer – upbeat, knowledgeable, motivating.
She genuinely cares about you getting strongest and healthier. Today!

I am happier, stronger and healthier.
I am forever grateful to have found her. MaryAnn Quiming

Kate’s well thought out and varied workouts really improve your fitness level while keeping you interested. Kate’s a professional. Greg Shea

I trained with Kate for nearly 5 years and would have never reached the fitness milestones I did without Kate’s coaching; ultimately reaching a fitness development level where I could compete in cross fit. Kate: Passion for fitness – Amazing; Knowledge of fitness – Amazing; Understanding my fitness goals – Amazing… Kate – Amazing!! Shane Handsaeme

I’ve been training with Kate for the past three years because she constantly improves my abilities and knowledge of fitness. Kate is a great communicator and tailors the sessions to each client’s individual goals. She provides workouts that are ever changing, challenging, and focused.

I always find that my training session results are much better than when I attempt to complete workouts on my own. Having her there to make sure the form is correct, motivating me, and keeping the pace up tempo result in completing much more than I thought I could do.

I feel very good about the training and the accomplishments made in each session with Kate. I have also found that the workouts she plans are within my abilities and so there is a high level of trust that the workout I will do are challenging and progressive and based on where my fitness levels are at the time. I am very appreciative to have had Kate as my “coach” in fitness. She has made the investment in fitness rewarding and worth every penny! Dan Miller

Kate is an inspirational trainer. She really understands how to motivate you to push your limits. Kate made a huge difference in how I trained and was a big change in how my body works. Mike Kennedy

I love working out with Kate! Her energy and the awesome workouts she comes up with make it worth heading to the gym every day. There is so much variety, you will never get bored! Jess Taylor

Kate’s workouts always deliver results! She inspires me to do my best all the time. You couldn’t ask for a more engaging and encouraging personal trainer! Elizabeth Podgurny

Kate has been a positive influence and an inspiration since I began training with her over 5 years ago. She has helped me through back and knee issues and has kept me on track with my fitness goals. Mike Freeman

I trained with Kate for 5 years and she was the first trainer who inspired me to make physical fitness a key part of my life no matter what I was doing!

I will be forever grateful to her for challenging me to be better and do more than I ever thought I could do. She pushed and encouraged me to do the really good exercises I hated until I grew to love them. 🙂

She’s genuine, with a great positive personality that makes it a joy to workout with her, even if you’re doing a “dripper” of a workout. Kathryn Podgurny

“Kate is probably the most amazing human in the whole world. I truly cannot say enough positive things about my experience with her. I reached out to Kate after my first C-section in hopes that I could regain strength and tone that I believed was gone forever.

Kate is extremely knowledgeable and patient, so she is fabulous for experienced athletes or newbies. Kate will personalize a program for your needs, sends videos to demo and is available to video conference or just text. Kate also is able to offer recommendations and referrals to outside resources if she feels it’s required. Anyone would be foolish to let an experience with her pass you by.” Stephanie Young

“Kate did an excellent job at helping me heal both physically and mentally after having my babe starting with some simple yet amazing reminders of healing days after being home from the hospital. I went from having barely any strength especially in my core to being able to progress into further strength training activities. The pelvic floor training worked wonders! It was great to be able to work through the rehab program focusing on myself a little each day. All the program presentation was easy to read, and the videos really helped understand the movements. She was always available for any questions I had, and was able to video chat for easier communication, which is great when you live far away!! I couldn’t have done it without her wonderful help! Would definitely recommend to any mom!” Coralee Hobson